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We invite you to access our online pharmacy where you can order your pet's medications or prescription diets and have them shipped to your home.  In addition, you'll find a complete line of  flea and tick products as well as nutritional supplements.  All of these are supplied by Webster, our trusted veterinary partner for over 20 years.  Click on the logo to the right to get started.

Thank you for visiting our Internet site. We want to introduce our practice and our philosophy of providing the very best in veterinary care for your pets.

We recognize that pets are important members of your family.  Unfortunately, they can't communicate as easily with us, but they still have problems and diseases that need to be prevented, diagnosed and treated.

At Main Line Veterinary Hospital, we will take the time to address all of your concerns about your pet's health.  Each of our doctors has over 20 years of experience in Small Animal medicine and surgery.  We never double book appointments and set aside 1/2 hour appointments with the doctor for new clients and sick animals.

If your pet should need us, we are only a phone call away:  during the day, nights and weekends.  Dr. Hahn is available by pager when the office is closed as we feel it is vital to get help from the veterinarian who knows your pet best and has access to complete medical records, past blood tests, specific allergies and the like.

We have been your local community veterinary hospital since 1992 and are proud that our major source of referrals comes from our present and past clients. 

You can reach our office Monday through Saturday after 8 AM at 610-695-0860.  The practice is on Business Route 30 (Lancaster Avenue) just West of the Route 30/401 intersection. 

You can now follow us on Facebook, search Main Line Veterinary Hospital